Hey, what happened to that “print this” button?


Have you tried to print an online article lately? Good luck with that. Seems that most online publishers have removed the “print this” option. Ok I get it, we are  trying to be more green and all  that. But look, sometimes you just need to print stuff out. It’s just the way it is so lets accept it and figure out a way to minimize waste in printing. For example, I recentrly tried printing a Mashable article, sorry but i just needed to read it on paper. The result of attempting to print this artice – 22 pages of junk, 3 pages of story. That equates to almost 85% waste, in other words Masahable’s refusal to put a “”print this” icon on their site is unfortunaly having the unintended effect of killing even more trees. True, the way around this is a two step process of doing a print preview then manually selecting the number of pages you wish to print etc etc etc. But hey, how about doing me a solid and just putting the dumb print option back up there, letting me print out an occasional article in an envirpnmentally friendly way? I promise to still look at the ads and I promise to recycle.



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