Google+ and the Irrelevant March to 20 Million Users


“Google+ got to 20million users 10 times faster than Facebook did” (with the subtext of this thing is a Facebook “killer”)

Next time somebody says this, say yeah and I heard Hyundai sold 2 million cars last year, you know how long it took Henry Ford to sell 2 million cars? I know, I know, not exactly applicable but the idea is the same, you cant compare the category creator to new entrants. I mean, it took Facebook 3 years to get to twenty million users for several reasons

On the other hand, Google literally had millions of people waiting for them to develop some kind of platform, they had a loyal following of brand enthusiasts, had built in connections via gmail not to mention search. To be honest, I can’t believe they only had 20MM people after 6 weeks. While it true that Google had this thing on lockdown for a while (with people begging to get on the beta) Google is an internally recognized mega brand with a trust factor and affinity to boot.

Now it will be up to Google to see if they can continue this acceleration. Right now FB has 800MM users to Googles 50. Getting big fast quickly was impressive, it’s a matter of if they can continue steady growth and stay big which will be impressive.

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